Keynote Speaker: Dr Jennifer Lock

Dr Jennifer Lock will be one of our three keynotes. She will be joining us from Canada as she presents her keynote on: Traversing the Online Learning Landscape: Embracing Opportunity in Designing Robust Learning


With the current grow of online learning in higher education, there is a major shift occurring in the learning landscape. As we learn more about how people learn, we need to draw on evidence-informed practice in conceptualizing, developing, and implementing robust learning within technology enabled learning environments. In designing online learning, careful consideration needs to be given to the nature and degree of the knowledge and skills developed which are required to live well in today’s complex and globally connected world. As designers of  the contemporary learning landscape, we need to check our assumptions, be open to difference, embrace technological affordances, and engage in opportunities to foster inclusivity and meaningful learning for all students.  In our design, how are we creating and navigating a rich online learning landscape?


Taking registrations for online conference

Our new website is up and we are getting the online conference area ready to welcome you on May 15 and 16 to chat with fellow online music teachers and prepping the live stream workshops. Viewing the asynchronous presentations starts on May 8.


A few have asked how we will be able to accommodate our global attendees since the time zones are at the least challenging. Our solution has been to hold one live stream keynote at a time that is workable for each of our presenters. For example, this means that if you live in the UK or Europe, you will be able to take in a keynote at 8pm on Friday, London time. Now, if you are over here in Australia, we’ve got that covered, too. A keynote session will take place at 10am on Friday morning, Melbourne time (which is also a great time for those in Canada or the USA). Check out our schedule page that has all of the presentation time listed. If you can’t get to a keynote (we know you have to sleep sometime!), then there will be a time you can watch the recording.


So, while you don’t have to travel over here to Melbourne to take in the conference on-location, we ask that you take the “travel time” to watch some of the asynchronous  presentations once you get your $40 AUS registration sorted.

“See” you online soon!


Brad and Carol (conference co-convenors)