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About the conference

Teaching Music Online in Higher Education is an ONLINE research-informed conference on the practice of teaching music online at the Higher Ed/ tertiary levels. This year, our conference is sponsored by the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (Melbourne, Australia)

We seek to address aligned topics and challenges faced by teachers, students and school leaders. Researchers, practitioners, and graduate students interested, and/or engaged in how to teach or perform music online, and best practices for teaching and performing music online are invited to join in the conversations and/or present their research in the area. Our delegates come from across the globe to gather together and share their ideas and vision for creating effective and meaningful online music learning and performance for students.


Our vision is to present cutting edge, innovative, research-informed, and practice-based ideas for how music can be taught effectively through the online context.

Virtual Conference

Our virtual conference is set to provide participants from all around the globe to take in keynote speakers via live stream (or recording), academic presentations, live stream discussions, and live stream workshops. The conference takes place across 48 hours to support our global attendees with live stream keynotes at a time that is manageable for Australia, Canada/US and Europe.

Our Teaching Music Online in Higher Ed Conference is filled with practical, research-informed ideas for your online music teaching.

Latest News

Workshop A: The EU project INTERMUSIC: What we learned, what we produced, where we are headed

INTERMUSIC (Interactive Environment for Music Learning and Practising, 2017-20) aims to develop digital skills in the field of music higher education, by 1) implementing an online shared platform for the distance learning dedicated to performing practices, theoretical and compositional courses; 2) designing specialised music training pathways that integrate lessons from different European music institutions, with sustainable development over time; 3) understanding the most demanding aspects of remote music interaction and communication in the context of chamber music, instrumental and vocal practice.

The workshop will feature the project’s highlights, along with concrete experiences of blended learning, collected after three years of collaborations among the five partners, Music Conservatoire of Milano, Politecnico of Milano, LMTA in Vilnius, RDAM in Copenhagen, and AEC in Brussels.


Workshop B: Designing online music classes

Speaker: Dr Carol Johnson (University of Melbourne)

The design of the online music class can use a similar mapping of objectives and learning assessments as the face-to-face classroom. However, approaches for designing online music content and classes require focus on how learning is displayed and maintained specific to the online environment. Join us for learning key elements for online music design success.

Workshop C: Three Cs for Strategic Transitioning to Online: Reflections from the COVID-19 Journey

Speaker: Dr Brad Merrick (University of Melbourne)

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many music schools and conservatoires to shift to teaching online as an immediate response. Quick responses can be supported by strategic approaches to the transition. Join the workshop to hear about three critical points to consider during transitions.

Workshop Times

Workshops are 50 minutes in length and take place after each keynote speaker.

Workshop A: Friday 6am Melbourne/Thursday 2pm Calgary/Thursday 10pm Milan


Workshop B: Friday 1pm Melbourne/Thursday Thursday 9pm Calgary/ Friday 5am Milan


Workshop C: Saturday 10am Melbourne/ Friday 6pm Calgary/ Saturday 2am Milan

Registration includes workshops as well as keynotes and research presentations.

What people are saying

So glad that you guys are having this online… looking forward to joining in.


A much needed conference considering we are having to shift all our music classes online.


Workshops sound practical … and I need help as we all move online. Thank you!!!



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How do I view the conference live stream sessions?

All of our conference connections are made through our conference management platform. Upon registration, you will be given access to the conference management area in Canvas.

Where can I find the pre-recorded research presentation videos to watch before the conference live-streams begin?

Our researcher have taken time to pre-record 15 minute videos. Each of these presentations are available for delegates to view in the Canvas conference area. The live-streamed Question and Answer Sessions are set up to provide delegates with opportunities to ask the researchers questions about their projects and practical recommendations for teaching.

What if I can’t watch the Keynote live?

All keynote sessions will be recorded and made available for delegates to view after the live session has concluded. These recordings will be available until May 30, 2020.

How can I network with other delegates?

We have created the conference within Canvas so that delegates can network with other delegates through the online discussion boards.

Will my image or audio be recorded during the conference live stream sessions?

By registering for the conference you give permission for your voice, comment(s) or image to be captured. All sessions, forums and workshops will be recorded and used for shared learning, review and access during the conference by delegates only. These will be removed from storage areas or public sites 14 days after the completion of the conference.